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Pearl Jam – Bogotá – 25-11-2015

Pearl Jam wasn’t my favorite band when I was in school. It was one of the grunge bands that all the people follow. I was more into Nirvana and Metallica at that time.

So, when they decide to play a concert in Colombia, I was not sure. But at the end I bought two tickets and just wait for the best.

And indeed, it was the best. I cry more than three times during the concert and say “this is the fucking shit” more than five times. I felt like a 15 years old teenager most of the times. And a lot of memories came back to me during all the songs.

I was alone during the concert, but there was a lot of people like me: Old “grunchetos” with a good job and a lot of money to spend on a concert of his favorite band. I drank a lot of aguardiente and meet a lot of nice people.

I was expecting something like that since I was seventeen, and yesterday was one of the best days of my life.

Also: Spoon (the second band) was awesome. Really really awesome.

This is the first post of my series of “Concerts that changed my life”. Wait for more. (And correct me, if my english is not that good

Funny things: there was no “requisition” at the entrance. I didn’t feel like I was going to the jail, like the other concerts in Bogota. Please, keep everything that way.


No Doubt – Trapped in a box

Era 1997, yo estaba en 11 y toda la vida parecía de sueño. Todo lo que pasó en ese año da para un par de libros bastante graciosos.

Todavía me acuerdo de la “chica” que no me prestó el cd de No Doubt para pasarlo a cassette. Me miró con esa superioridad de las grunchetas en esos días y me dijo: “Yo no presto la música”.

Hay cosas que la vida cobra, chica gruncheta, y esa está anotada en el libro.