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Travel to NYC – Tips

So, NYC, cultural and financial capital of the world. You must go.

  • Tickets: HipMunk as usual. However Spirit have some cheap flights from Colombia, but the planes are small and they’ll charge you for the extra bags. Try to land in JFK. Newark could be cheaper but then you’ll need to to a long commute to Manhattan, which is good when you arrive, but not the smartest choice when you’re leaving
  • Transport: You can go from JFK to the NYC Metro. It’s the best choice.
  • Stay: Hostels are expensive and not that good. Find an AirBNB. We found a cozy and perfect place upper Manhattan, near to Central Park and metro stations (ping me if you want the link). And yes, try to stay in Manhattan.
  • Autumn / Winter is not a good time of the year. Everything will be empty, of course. But weather is really bad. Also days are shorter.
  • Rent a bike, there’s plenty of spots there and you can rent it in Central Park and deliver it in another place, even CitiBank have some across the island. You’ll just need a credit card and if you return the bike in less than an hour (if my memory is good) they don’t charge you. Also some places close early, so take that in mind.
  • Use something like New York Pass it’s cheaper and you can skip the line in some places.
  • Empire State and Top of the Rock are a must. Really.
  • Central Park is awesome, but it’s bigger, maybe you want to go more than a day to check all the spots.
  • Museums … they are cool but it’s also a 4 hour plan (maybe more) and sometimes you’ll be so tired by the end of the day, so choose wisely. We went to American Museum of Natural History (yup, the one from the movie) and MoMa. Modern art it’s hard to understand, so be prepared. You can’t miss The Persistence of Memory and The Starry Night. Put some art in your head, please. There’s a good Rodizio restaurant in front of the MoMa, perfect to end your day with tons of meat.
  • Statue of Liberty. Another must. Just buy your tickets in advance so you can access to the crown.
  • Don’t buy anything near Times Square. You can find same things, and cheaper in ChinaTown, like all those “I ❤ NY” tshirts.
  • Go to Little Italy and give yourself a good meal.
  • Go to Hell’s Kitchen and try to do one pint of crafted beer in each pub you’ll see. You’ll never remember names or flavors. But you’ll be remembering that for years. Also talk to people.
  • Near Columbia Univ there’s a lot of pubs you can go. Find a cozy one and be a local (if there’s such thing in NYC).
  • Botanical Garden: A must (even in winter).
  • Try to use things like Amazon Local to find coupons, maybe you’ll end eating and drinking some German stuff for 10USD/person.
  • Broadway: Yes, it’s nice but also expensive, try to find tickets in advance for any play you want to attend.

Other than that, enjoy the city. There will be things you missed and you’ll need to go again in a few years. But trust me, it worth it.