Archivo mensual: mayo 2016

Three months of my new life

Flashback: I quit my job, pack two bags and took a plane to Bogotá. Two weeks in a hotel, started a new job, make new friends and find new places. Why? Cause I need a change.

So, I’ve been living here for the last three months and everything it’s starting to calm down. I have an apartment with basic things, i borrowed an old bike from a friend and started to cook strange and yummy things, like the old times.

I have complete freedom in my work, meaning that I could implement something made with the new js framework or learn erlang and write some functional spaguetti code (Just kidding, i’m professional, everything will be PHP).

However, the past is still there. We’ll have to wait until I forgot the things that makes me blue. From now on, writing seems a good exercise.